the original adventures of Ford Fairlane

His face looked familiar but I thought he was dead: getting reacquainted with the fictional private eye I left behind

Almost forty years ago, Rex Weiner first created Ford Fairlane. Now, years after the Hollywood treatment, author and protagonist return to the scene of the crime.

/ September 5, 2018
Attending bouchercon on a budget

3 tips for Bouchercon on a budget

With Bouchercon 2018 looming this week, and all the social media buzz that comes along with the conference, crime writers large and small have been discussing the pros and cons of, well… cons, across social media. No doubt writing conferences...

/ September 3, 2018
setting and tense in Dietrich Kalteis's Poughkeepsie Shuffle Toronto

The importance of setting in crime fiction

Whether it’s the Detroit of an Elmore Leonard novel, or Don Winslow’s New York, setting in crime fiction plays a vital role in telling a great story. For Dietrich Kalteis, it also played a personal role in his latest novel,...

/ September 2, 2018
4 modern noir classics

4 modern noir classics

Most crime writers would agree that the noir genre has deep roots in crime fiction's storied history. These days, noir mostly exists in the back alleys of small presses, or corporate publishing's low-to-mid-list gutters. But it would be foolish to assume noir's...

/ August 20, 2018
wealth and blood in crime fiction

Wealth and blood: weaving real-life elements into crime fiction

When Nick Kolakowski sat down to write Boise Longpig Hunting Club, he didn’t intend to comment on Idaho’s “Californication," or the impact of wealth discrepancy. He just found those themes to be unavoidable.

/ August 18, 2018
Sharp objects and the birth of the crime fiction mini-series

HBO’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects is a must-watch Southern gothic skate-o-rama

HBO has long had a reputation as an innovator and driving force behind great crime television. And their newest crime drama, Sharp Objects, fits nicely into their lineage and reputation for pushing the boundaries with new formats.

/ August 12, 2018
5 true crime podcasts crime writers will love

5 true crime podcasts crime fiction writers will love

A well-done true crime podcast combines expert storytelling with incredible, often appalling real-life crime stories. It can serve as a hunting ground for great story ideas, as well as the background music for almost any boring task. Here are five true...

/ August 5, 2018
The new Crime Syndicate Magazine

The new Crime Syndicate Magazine

I made the announcement a few months ago that Crime Syndicate would no longer focus on publishing short stories in an anthology format. I won’t rehash my reasoning behind this, other than to say that I felt the Crime Syndicate...

/ August 2, 2018
The Deadbeat Club ECW Press

Crime-on-crime review series #6: The Deadbeat Club, by Dietrich Kalteis

In The Deadbeat Club, generational Whistler BC primo dope grower Grey Stevens finds himself caught smack in the middle of a turf war between rival gangs.

/ November 10, 2016
Bull Mountain

Crime-on-crime review series #7: Bull Mountain, by Brian Panowich

Bull Mountain is the saga of the Burroughs clan, a long line of Georgia outlaws stretching back into the days before prohibition. the Burroughs have spent nearly all those years protected by the sanctity of their backwoods home turf, a place...

/ November 16, 2015