Crime Syndicate Issue One to be guest edited by Eric Beetner!

11311761_10206010022223145_360487022_nHey hey crime fiction fans! We’ve got some great news to announce. Crime Syndicate’s first issue has a guest editor, and we didn’t even have to resort to petty extortion to make it happen.

Crime Syndicate Issue One will be edited by the incredibly prolific and uber-talented Mr. Eric Beetner. Eric has had a monstrous 2015, which saw him publish five books, including the most recent just a few days ago, a novella from All due Respect Books called Nine Toes in the Grave. That’s right, FIVE BOOKS (Check out his Amazon Author Page for his full catalog). If you’re feeling lazy and or like you squandered your year right now, you’re not alone. That’s an insane output.

From Eric’s website:

I write hardboiled crime fiction. A lot of it, with more to come. People like Owen Laukkanen, John Rector, Megan Abbott, Kelli Stanley, Scott Phillips, Sean Doolittle, Rebecca Cantrell and more have said nice things about my books. I’ve won a few awards like the 2012 Stalker award for Most Criminally Underrated Author. I seem to end up on a lot of lists about the best writers you’ve never heard of.

My books include Rumrunners, Over Their Heads (with JB Kohl), The Backlist (With Frank Zafiro), The Devil Doesn’t Want Me, Dig Two Graves, White Hot Pistol, The Year I Died Seven Times, Stripper Pole At The End Of The World & the story collection, A Bouquet Of Bullets. I’ve co-authored (with JB Kohl) the novels One Too Many Blows To The Head and Borrowed Trouble. I’ve also written two novellas in the popular Fightcard series, Split Decision and A Mouth Full Of Blood. I live in Los Angeles where, among other things, I co-host the Noir At The Bar reading series.

I’ve toured as a musician, painted, written screenplays, acted in short films, been to China twice, fished in the Mississippi, once met Barry Manilow, directed films and music videos, my name’s been on TV over a hundred times, I own a real human skull and my kids think I embarrass them. A life well lived, I’d say.

I also design book covers. For samples of my 50+ covers visit

41Q1m7zH05L._UY250_Eric has a unique throwback pulp style to his writing. He’s been referred to as a “crime writer’s crime writer,” and that’s right on. His humor is so understated that sometimes you find yourself laughing at things in his books without being sure what specifically you’re laughing at (HINT: that’s an Issue One submission guideline if I ever heard one). I get jealous every time it happens, actually.

My first in-person experience with Eric was watching him moderate a panel at this year’s Bouchercon in Raleigh, NC, where he introduced the panel’s authors in “the order in which they could kick my ass the fastest.” He kept everyone, including the panelists, laughing throughout with the same brand of self-deprecating humor that’s prevalent in his writing as well. He’s funny, he’s talented, he’s prolific (I know I already said that), and he’s nice enough to help us launch this project right. Cheers, Eric,  we appreciate the support.

Reading Crime Syndicate’s submission guidelines is only a partial way to determine what we are likely to publish in a given issue. It will always depend on the guest editor’s tastes, too. So if you’re wondering what to submit for Issue One, my suggestion is that you head out and pick up one or two of Eric Beetner’s books to see what he writes.

510IR7nx3oL._UY250_Also, if you find yourself rejected this first time around (believe me it happens to all of us, no shame there), purchasing the issue when it comes out is a great way to see what we like.Though each issue will have a tone that reflects that guest editor’s tastes, there are specific things we at the magazine like, and that affects the semi-final cut of stories that ever make their way to the guest editor in the first place (the guest editor then reads blind).

[Also, a quick head’s up, since our approach is a bit new: Please don’t resubmit stories that we decline for consideration toward future issues. If we declined, it’s final for that story regarding all issues, though we are very thankful for you sending it to us to consider.]

We’re so glad to have Eric on board. If you want more information on Eric there will be an interview with him inside Crime Syndicate Issue One, so stay tuned!


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