Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me, Will ViharoWill Viharo’s cult classic Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me found its way back into print last year after nearly two decades off the shelf.

According to legend, actor Christian Slater took interest in the novel’s protagonist, Vic Valentine, after discovering a copy on the shelf at a used books store in Los Angeles.

The discovery set off a chain of events around the novel, which spurred Gutter Books to re-release it soon after.

In his own words, Slater “…’Totally related to the main character’ and thought, ‘this would make a great movie.’”

In fact, the actor and producer liked it so much that he optioned the script, planning to take on the role of Vic Valentine himself.

Unfortunately, like many optioned scripts, the movie has yet to ever go into production (there’s the violent part of the love story). Slater is busy with Mr. Robot, and Hollywood is, well… Hollywood. Anything can happen. Or not.

But thank God Gutter Books decided to re-release Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me.  It would be a tragedy to lose this fantastic novel to the mechanisms of the writing and publishing business.

Vic Valentine, Private Eye

Viharo’s protagonist, Vic Valentine, is as hapless as he is authentic. Vic is a hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places, still reeling from a lost love in his past.

Love Stories picks up in San Francisco, California. Vic Valentine is haphazardly hired on to search for a brutish, alcohol-soaked professional baseball player’s estranged wife.

The case sets Valentine off on a drunken, sexy, and occasionally violent adventure as he tracks down the estranged woman and attempts to hold his own tattered life together in the process.

Love Stories has an original voice and a familiar tone. It feels more like the fourth book in a series than the first. Valentine holds nothing back about his thoughts and emotional state, giving the reader an intimate view of the world through his eyes.

Love Stories drips with hilarious and heartbreaking moments from cover to cover. Two pages in, I understood why Slater fell in love with the book. Love Stories has a romantic, broken vibe that Slater handles well in characters.

I highly recommend this book, it’s a touching read with the right kind of sentimentality. You’ll really feel like you get to know the enigmatic Vic Valentine, Private Eye.

And you’ll be glad you did. Pick up a copy here.

For more information on Will Viharos other writing, hop on over to Thrillville and check out his virtual pulp fiction universe!

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