Crime-On-Crime Review Series #18: Triggerfish, by Dietrich Kalteis

9781770411531_1024x1024What can I say about Dietrich Kalteis’s writing that I haven’t said in my review of his previous novel, The Deadbeat Club? His prose drills like a woodpecker on wood, and his characters always pop right off the page with engaging, character-specific dialog.

In Triggerfish, Dietrich is back to his old tricks. Rene Beckman is a former cop let go from the force after a questionable shooting that also left him with a near-fatal stab wound. Now he spends his days piloting the Triggerfish, a for-hire day trip fishing vessel. And things are going fine in his new life. That is, until Beck and his sexy vegan date Vicki witness a cartel drug deal involving a submarine and a tugboat taking place in a remote bay.

What follows is a cat-and-mouse organized crime extravaganza involving drug-dealing bikers, sociopath cartel henchmen,  and in-over-their-heads vegan activists. One of the things I enjoy about Dietrich’s writing is his gift for putting quirky, seemingly harmless people in deadly situations, then letting them figure their own dumb luck way out. Triggerfish is highly entertaining, and another big hit from a man quickly becoming the heir-apparent to the Elmore Leonard crime novel.

There’s a reason we asked him to be the Guest Editor for Crime Syndicate Issue Two

Pick up a copy of Triggerfish here (it drops officially June 1, 2016 from ECW Press), and find Dietrich online here.


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