CRIME /krim/ noun- 1.) An action or omission that is punishable by law; 2.) An action or activity which, though not illegal, is considered to be shameful, evil, or wrong. 

SYNDICATE /sindikit/ nounA group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

At Crime Syndicate Magazine, we love hard-hitting crime fiction. We love stories about violence, greed, lust, debauchery, and any combination of those things. Our goal is to find and publish the finest in short crime fiction from the leading voices on the crime fiction scene, as well as the latest emerging voices. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Make us angry (but only at your own risk). Each new issue of Crime Syndicate features a guest editor who helps us to select the finest stories submitted. Our goal is to spread and share the love of crime fiction. Join us, or perish.
Crime Syndicate Magazine was founded by crime fiction author Michael Pool (who serves as Editor-In-Chief) in late 2015 in an effort to provide more paying publishing markets for crime fiction short stories. It is printed and distributed through Short Stack Books as a labor of love, with aspirations to spread that love far and wide.

Michael Pool was born in Tyler, Texas, and lives in Seattle, Washington. He holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Popular Genre Writing and Commercial Fiction from Western State Colorado University. His short fiction has appeared in All Due Respect Magazine, Thuglit, Out of the Gutter, Urban GraffitiHeater Magazine, and others. His crime noir novella, Debt Crusher, is out January 1st, 2016 from All Due Respect Books. He is also the main organizer for Noir at the Bar Seattle, a bimonthly live crime fiction reading event that features authors from the Northwest region and around the globe. Find him online at www.michaelpool.net.