Fast Women and Neon Lights: Eighties-Inspired Neon Noir

These eighteen hard-hitting, emotional, and often-hilarious stories written by some of today’s top neo-noir authors will disturb you, make you laugh, and most of all, keep you highly entertained from cover to cover.

Car thieves, down-on-their-luck Karate guys, out-of-control valley girls, Air Jordan-obssesed clutz robbers, professional opponent wrestlers, aspiring female wrestlers, Oingo Boingo-obsessed cocaine fiends, vice cop mashups, high-stakes gamblers, and heroin-addicted punk rock managers are just a taste of what you’ll find in these dark pages!

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Crime Syndicate Magazine Issue One

Crime Syndicate Magazine Issue One features eight of the funniest, most engaging, and most badass crime fiction short stories on the market today.

Including stories by Eric Beetner (this issue’s Guest Editor), Art Taylor, Jeff Bowles, James Queally, Paul Heatley, Nick Kolakowski, Tess Makovesky, and C.J. Edwards.

A man takes his husbandly duties to a whole new, and quite bloody, level in “So Close,” by Eric Beetner.

A salesman puts the hard sell on a married couple looking for assurances in the event of the husband’s violent demise in “Restoration” by Art Taylor.

Criminal enforcer Jack “The Hammer” Palmer has a very public career identity crisis in “Jack The Hammer’s Online Identity Crisis” by Jeff Bowles.

A poker player tracks down his double-crossing ex-partner for one last game of winner-take-all poker in “On Tilt” by James Queally.

A hard-drinking, loser former children’s television star needs a miracle to save him from his outstanding debts in “Dee The Friendly Grizzly’s Little Miracle” by Nick Kolakowski.

A hard-nosed loaner exacts revenge on his ex-wife’s killer in “God May Forgive You,” by Paul Heatley.

A piano-loving husband dishes out a different kind of tune up in “Tuning the Old Joanna” by Tess Makovesky

An honest undercover narcotics agent finds a reason to move on from his current position in “The Line” by C.J. Edwards.

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Crime Syndicate Magazine Issue Two

Crime Syndicate Magazine Issue Two

Prepare to be entertained!

A man bets big on the World Series while stuck on the wrong end of a kidnapping (or is he?) in Dietrich Kalteis’s “Bottom of the Ninth.”

A couple of Hawaiian hoodlums are plagued by a negligent disk jockey on the night of their most serious heist to date in Matt Andrew’s “The Song Remains the Same.”

There is no greater loyalty than that between a man and his dog, even under the darkest circumstances, in Mike O’Reilly’s “Fight in the Dog.”

A lonely teen gets way more help than she bargained for in Preston Lang’s “The Counselor.”

Samuel “Sugar” Cane is a hard man, but he’s got a sweet spot for taking care of his own in Michael Bracken’s “Sugar.”

Four British twenty-somethings seek Legendary status as they wreak mayhem on their town as well as their own lives, crossing nearly every line of decency imaginable, in Stephen McQuiggan’s “Thunderstone.”

Gentrifiers learn the hard way how things work in their new Boston neighborhood in J.M. Taylor’s “Secrets in the Snow.”

A pair of mysterious women, each with their own agenda, bring tidings of death with them everywhere they go in Jinapher Hoffman’s “Jackpot Blue Thistles.”

A longtime store clerk remembers the rules as he prepares for the inevitable stickup in Nick Kolakowski’s “Stickup.”


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Crime Syndiate Magazine Issue Three

Guest-edited by Eryk Pruitt, this issue has a little something for everyone.

Work out your drugged-out marital problems and feed your family from the East Texas countryside in Eryk Pruitt’s “The Deplorables.

Find out if you’re being detained, and what depraved results the answer might hold in Kevin Z. Garvey’s “Good Cop Bad Cop.”

Reach for the sky and fall through the floor in Max Booth III’s “Below the Angels.”

Can you escape a schmuck’s fate in Dennis Day’s throwback historical noir story “Schmuck?”

Help your new college bestie murder a New Orleans local “god” in Nina Mansfield’s “Gods and Virgins in the Big Easy.”

Think twice before you front on an old schooler in S.A. Cosby’s “Slit the Belly.”

Take in the beard cream smell while you take down some skinny jeans in Travis Richardson’s “Hipster Pantsin’.”

Show off your new racist jail tat while you dredge up demons from the past in Paul Heatley’s “The Whitest Boy on the Block.”

Get your trap music murder on in Allen Griffin’s “Dirty South of Heaven.”

“Take down career criminals and the ghosts from your past in David A. Anthony’s “The Contractors.”

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