We do new and established writers without bias. If we love it, we publish it, period.

Writers deserve to be paid for their work. We pay $25 per accepted story, payable within 90 days after publication. We hope to do more than this someday, but there are economic and market realities that we also must adhere to.

We do funny. We do sexy. We do thrilling. We do violent. We do mystery. We do private detectives. We don’t really do magical, or fantastical, by which we mean we don’t want animal characters or wildly unrealistic stories. We love pulp. We like crime fiction that blends with aspects of other genres, but make sure it’s clearly still crime fiction first and foremost.

We don’t really do mob stories, unless again you just blow us away. We will do historical crime fiction, if the writing is right. We’re not much for cozies, though much respect to the sub genre. We don’t do police procedurals unless, again, we just really like the individual story.  We LOVE noir, and noir that crosses into other sub-genres. We do southern gothic. We do transgressive.

We love a strong voice. We love original style. But MOST OF ALL, we love GREAT WRITING (which at times breaks some of the above general guidelines), so send us your very best.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know if you’re accepted somewhere else. NO MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS, send us your best story to be considered for the issue in question. Rejected stories are NOT eligible for future issues, rejections are final.

We suggest purchasing a copy of at least one the magazine’s previous issues before submitting, so that you  can see what we’ve published in the past (and to invest your support in a publication that you will be asking to invest their support in you). Every issue is a little different, but there are themes and styles that run through them all.

We suggest reading our guest editors’ books to get a feel for what they write, since they will ultimately be deciding what stories go into the individual issue.

Writers retain all rights to their work. We take only first publication rights print and online, but do not restrict your use afterward in any way, legally speaking. We do kindly request two months exclusivity before you publish it somewhere else, either online or in print, but since it’s your work, we won’t force you to abide by that.

Our Guest Editor reads the semi-final cut of stories blind (Please DON’T remove your contact information from your MS, though, we will do that on our end when appropriate).

 It’s our goal to publish stories that exceed reader expectations. Submit accordingly.

Be advised: Submitting to our magazine means you are automatically joining our email list. We’re not going to spam you, but we do want to be able to let you know when issues come out, and to point you toward other cool or helpful content. Again, support is a two-way street.  If you can’t handle getting an email from us every now and again,  we’re probably not the right fit for you.

Response times are usually in the sixty  day range.

To stay up to date on submission periods and get opportunities for free issues, join our email list using the form below!


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